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Site Expansion TRIMET Voerde Site puts Casting Plant into Operation

Editor: Florian Richert

At the beginning of June 2021, the TRIMET site in Voerde commissioned a newly installed casting plant for aluminum sows. The aluminum smelter with an attached anode factory is thus able to produce ingot metal itself.

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TRIMET's newly installed casting plant for aluminum sows at the Voerde location.
TRIMET's newly installed casting plant for aluminum sows at the Voerde location.
(Source: TRIMET)

Until now, the site supplied its 99.9% pure electrolytic aluminum exclusively in liquid form to customers and the foundry at TRIMET's Essen site.

"The casting plant allows greater flexibility, enabling us to meet changing market requirements and customer demands even better," says Dr. Andreas Lützerath, member of the management board of TRIMET Aluminium SE. "The high metal purity of the cast aluminum also meets an increasing demand from the processing industry."

Designed as a casting carousel, the new plant can cast 20 aluminum sows of 780 kilograms each in an hourly cycle. All steps in the process, from casting, skimming, labeling, and weighing to depositing the sows on a conveyor belt, are automated, setting a new technical standard. These measures ensure consistently high product quality. The new plant also further optimizes and ensures occupational health and safety for employees.

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