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Product News Universal Testing Machine Twist-Control

From Nicole Kareta

SP Süddeutsche Prüfanlagen GmbH will participate at EUROGUSS 2022. At our booth in hall 9 booth 458/i we will present the universal testing machine Twist-Control for measuring mechanical properties of metallic materials. The original idea of the new testing method was to be able to check the quality of the melts shortly before casting, namely the quality of the mechanical properties. Until now, this was only possible in a very labor-intensive and time-consuming manner.

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Universal Testing Machine Twist-Control for measuring mechanical properties of metallic materials.
Universal Testing Machine Twist-Control for measuring mechanical properties of metallic materials.
(Source: SP Süddeutsche Prüfanlagen GmbH)

The Twist-Control testing system is a complete materials testing machine used to test mechanical material properties, as was previously known from the classic tensile test. Instead of classical drawing, specimens are twisted off. Twist-Control comes closer to the ideal of pure material testing than standardized tensile tests. The specimens cast specifically for the test solidify without residual stresses, which affect the test result in the previously cast tensile specimens. There is no need to machine the specimens, i.e. the high-quality cast skin is not machined off, but is also tested. The new method thus delivers usable results much faster than previously known methods in materials testing. Twist-Control was developed in such a way that the complete process, from casting of the specimens to the documented result, takes about 3-5 min. Enough time, therefore, to be able to post-treat melts if necessary. Twist-Control makes mechanical materials testing possible in areas where it was previously inconceivable.

Twist-Control offers flexible and mobile application possibilities.
Twist-Control offers flexible and mobile application possibilities.
(Source: SP Süddeutsche Prüfanlagen GmbH)

In foundries, however, the application is not limited to melting operations. Several directly testable test bars can easily be cast on castings and removed and tested as required. This is what makes testing with Twist-Control so easy. After the castings have been removed from the mold, the specimens can simply be detached and are directly testable. With this possibility, for example, short-term intermediate tests can be carried out before possible heat treatments. Tests can also be performed on finished heat-treated castings. A finished document is available within a few minutes.

Countless tests with aluminum and magnesium casting materials have shown that Twist-Control is capable of testing these materials in all possible material states. The cast iron materials are new. This requires a slightly stronger testing system, but the results are just as reliable as for the light metals.

However, the application of the new test method is not limited to foundries. Tests have confirmed that tested specimens, taken from semi-finished products or from finished components, can reliably confirm the mechanical properties.

Advantages in Summary

  • The new test method determines universal mechanical properties of metallic materials. The test can be carried out on different sample cross-sections or sample geometries.
  • Twist-Control can currently test materials up to 450 MPa for die casting, or up to 800 MPa for our system for ferrous materials.
  • The mechanical properties can be determined at process points where this was previously not possible.

(Source: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi))

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