What Trends Will Dominate Sensor Technology in the Coming Years?

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The AMA Association for Sensor and Measurement Technology (AMA) has published a new study on one of the key technologies in the German industry. In "Sensor Technologies 2022", AMA members of the AMA Science Council and some industry representatives provide insights into sensor technology trends.

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The AMA Association for Sensor and Measurement Technology (AMA) has published a new study on one of the key technologies in the German industry.
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In recent years, the sensor industry has proven to be one of the key suppliers of Germany's industrial companies. The international competitiveness in mechanical engineering, process technology and vehicle construction is based on the use of modern sensors. The study "Sensor Technologies 2022" takes global requirements for technological developments as well as current trends in information and communication technology into account and analyzes their influence on the further development of sensors and measurement technology. For a clear understanding of future developments, the study presents some novel sensor applications as examples.

"Sensor Technologies 2022" is available on the AMA Website.
"Sensor Technologies 2022" is available on the AMA Website.
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The meaning of the word ‘sensor’ has changed in recent years. Up until now, sensors have often been simple measuring elements, today they are becoming measuring devices with different stages of configurations. “The study takes some examples to show how completely new requirements and areas of application for sensors arise," explains Roland Werthschützky from the technical university of Darmstadt, co-author and editor of the AMA study. “However, this often requires a complex combination of innovative sensors, controls, miniaturization of components and integration."

Trends in Assembly and Connection Technology

Another chapter deals with assembly and connection technology (AVT) and contact systems, which can have a significant influence on the functional properties, reliability and manufacturing costs of sensors. “The study shows new trends in sensor assembly and connection technology," says Jürgen Wilde from the University of Freiburg. “Among other things, we continue to observe a strong dominance of PCB-based systems, monolithic integration as a basis for extreme size and cost reductions, and miniaturization through sensor-compatible SMDs and chip scale packages.”

Further topics of the AMA study include sensor requirements, general development trends in sensor technology, sensor components and manufacturing technologies. The association's study highlights the opportunities offered by new technologies and applications and is available on the AMA website for a nominal fee of € 12.

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