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Possibilities with Zinc Zinc Die Casting Award 2020

Editor: Isabell Page

Zinc die casting has consistently developed over the past decades and proven its potential. For thin-walled, lightweight, small and filigree objects as well as for large parts, the demands on speed, efficiency, stability, haptics and appearance are increasing - and the material and energy consumption is constantly decreasing.

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Who will make it to 1st place?
Who will make it to 1st place?
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pixabay )

With the Zinc Die Casting Award, the Zinc Initiative (Initiative Zink) and the Association of German Die Casting Foundries (Verband Deutscher Druckgießereien (VDD)) want to demonstrate the strengths of the process and the efficiency of the participating foundries on the basis of the best examples and present them to the general public. The award winners will be honoured at the EUROGUSS 2020 trade fair in Nuremberg and the award-winning cast parts will be exhibited at the Initiative Zink stand from 14 to 16 January 2020.

All zinc die casting foundries from German-speaking countries are invited to submit their work by 30 September 2019 in order to take part in the competition. The castings must have been produced in the past 18 months. The best castings in each of the following six categories will receive awards:

  • Automotive
  • Sanitary Technology
  • Lifestyle (Toys, Household Appliances, SmartHome etc.)
  • Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Technology
  • Security and Locking Technology (including Furniture Fittings)

The evaluation criteria include the design of the component and its complexity in the same way as the degree of difficulty and implementation during manufacture.

The expert jury is staffed by recognised die casting experts. They come from the fields of alloy production, the manufacture of casting machines, institutes of science and materials research as well as professional associations. Zinc die casting has potential for innovation. Regardless of the size of the components, the requirements increase and are taken into account in the evaluation of zinc die cast parts.

Here you can download the registration documents for the competition: https://www.zink.de.

This article is based on press releases by Initiative Zink and Presse Box.

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